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What does Spider Mirror want?

Literature: poetry, flash and short fiction;
Art: photography, painting, sketches, doodles, comic strips;
Audio/Video: spoken word, music, short film.
Reviews: books, movies, albums, podcasts;
Interviews with: writers, musicians, actors, directors, podcasters, artists;
Opinions/Editorials on: anything having to do with any of the things listed above.


Contributor Information

Spider Mirror Journal is part online lit and art magazine, part reviews and interviews, part whatever you want it to be, and all about supporting and promoting the arts. We are seeking submissions of the following:

  • Poetry: submit up to three original poems. Any style; every voice!
  • Flash and Short Fiction: submit one piece. We like our stories a little gritty and under 7,000 words). If you have a longer piece in mind, tell us about it; maybe we can serialize it. 
  • Visual Art: submit up to three pieces. Anything from photography to doodles. We like our art like we like our stories.
  • Audio/Video: submit up to three recordings (these can be links to YouTube or other such sites) of spoken word or music. For short film, please submit one video (again, it can be a link). For anything else, just send us one of whatever it is!
  • Reviews: submit one review (book, movie, album, podcast, etc).
  • Interviews: submit one interview with someone (or someones) who creates any of the things we are looking for.
  • Opinions/Editorials: submit one piece on anything having to do with with any of the things we are looking for.

You may only have one active submission at a time. Once you have heard if your submission was accepted or rejected, you may submit again. Spider Mirror will publish as a continuously updating blog-style journal. Please note that submitting work to Spider Mirror Journal grants us permission to publish that submission, in part or in whole, online and to archive it indefinitely. If you wish to have published material removed from our site, please email us. Your work remains your work.

We are currently accepting submissions in the follow ways: 

Preferred Method: Use our Upload Form for all written submissions.

Or,email your submission to
Submit all work attached as a single common document file (visual art may require multiple documents; that's fine). Include your first initial and last name in the file name. Be sure to include the submission type (review, interview, fiction, poetry, etc) along with a short bio (be sure to plug your own creative endeavors) in the body of the email.

Or, we will also accept a Google Doc shared with
Just be sure that you include all of the above information.

Interested in becoming a regular contributor? Have a periodic column in mind? Use the Upload Form or send us an email at and let us know what you have in mind.

Please read our Style Guide before submitting. 

For more on what Spider Mirror is, read this.

Help Wanted! Help Given!

Unfortunately, because Spider Mirror Journal does not currently charge any money, we are unable to offer monetary compensation for content. We do hope that in the future, after establishing a solid community, that we can find ways to fund the site and in turn pay the creators that make it possible. We wholeheartedly encourage everyone to value their work and understand that being a non-paying market will cause us to miss out on working with some great creative minds. We wish you all prosperity in your endeavors!