Poetry: 2 poems by Destiny Frometa

Poetry: 2 poems by Destiny Frometa

black coffee

i'm a good morning type of woman. 
black coffee, chain smoker, 
bourbon breathed kind of woman.

soft lipped, rose petal skin kind of woman. 
all hair, all lace and hell of a woman. 
cinnamon tongued, gravel toothed, 
liquor soaked bones of a woman.

sharp hips, clumsy handed
with blood underneath the fingernails,
broken mirrored, stained faucet skeletons
underneath attic floorboard bedding
and tantrums throwing volume at the walls

dirt mouthed, ashy elbowed, 
bouquet of a messy throated woman.



i am peeled fruit, 
- dripping.

you love me raw, 
dirt between my fingernails, 
branches through my hair, 
- messy.

i am humming, 
flighty footed and strumming
blood droplets between my toes, 
- frantic.

i dip my hands into others
and come back broken limbed
gloom hooded with scraped knees, 
- tangled.

but i am sonnet lipped, 
coated in bourbon lacquer, 
pouring honey from my mouth into yours, 
- sticky.

my neck is velvet and wet with whiskey, 
tangled in white bedsheets full of
heavy bones and pencil shavings

and they fall in love with my mouth, 
the way it manipulates noise
to create gardens where
broken teeth should be

and you'll use your eyes to
fuck the strokes of ink i leave
on paper neglige
in the pocket of your jeans

you'll wrap my skin around you
beg me to breathe against your hips
then close my pages and
set me on your nightstand
among a leftover glass of gin and cigarettes.

Mama's Boy

Mama's Boy

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