Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide 2017


creepy little death poems by Tiffany Tang
From making cookies with Death to creating a shared Pinterest board, Tiffany Tang brings humor and absurdity to her conversations with this dark, and apparently misunderstood, figure of the afterlife in her first collection of poetry, cleverly illustrated by Lizzie Silverman.

Twisted Reveries by Meg Hafdahl
Hafdahl introduces us to thirteen unforgettable women. They include a grieving mother, a librarian living on the edge of fantasy, and a pyromaniac motel manager. In all thirteen spine-tingling tales these women are faced with their deepest fears, as they are forced to become the hero or villain of their own story

A Radiant Womb by Mallory Rowe
Rowe delivers a chapbook of haiku in two parts. These poems are a good read for any age. Also available: Looking Inward and Ricochet.

Popcorn by Katie Lewington
Chapbook of food-themed humorous poetry. Popcorn is a short, satisfying read that makes a great gift for any poetry fan. Pair with one of Lewington's other chapbooks for a heartier gift.

Afterlife by Melissa Jennings
Afterlife is a collection of poetry about catharsis, self-love, and self-revolution. A journey from the darkness to the light again, and again, and again. Fans of Rupi Kaur and Lang Leav would enjoy Jennings.



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Art and Photography

The Art of Keith Landrum
Pop-ish style paintings with a distinctly punk feel.

Photography by Andira Dodge
Stunning variety of nature and landscape photography available in a range of sizes.

Masqueerades by Marylyn Tan
Queer and witchy artwork that's fantastical and kooky. Little fucked up but who isn't. Requests at or


Unique Wares

Gothic Gifts is the place to go to find the perfect gifts for the horror fans on your holiday list!


Small Press & Zines

Platypus Press
Platypus Press is a boutique publisher based in England. They seek to unearth innovative contemporary poetry and prose from a broad variety of voices and experiences.

Pioneers Press
Pioneers Press is a publishing house and small-press distro focusing on survival and sustainability on the farm and in the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, social justice and food movements, and literary works by up-and-coming authors.

Paper and Ink Zine
Making zines the DIY-punk way. Paper, ink, and a whole lot of great words.



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