What Is Spider Mirror; What Does It Want?

Spider Mirror is a blog-style journal.

Spider Mirror seeks to promote and support the arts, in all its modern forms, by being a space that artists can use to hold the mirror up to their own communities. We wish to be an inclusive collective of creators who contribute literature, reviews, interviews, and opinions on whatever art has caught their attention. The driving force behind Spider Mirror is to "see and be seen." If you contribute to the non-literature aspect of the Journal, then you are helping to promote someone else's creativity and, at the same time, you are able to promote your own through your bio. And Spider Mirror will do everything we can to promote you as well.

Spider Mirror wants:
Literature: poetry, flash and short fiction;
Art: photography, painting, sketches, doodles, comic strips;
Audio/Video: spoken word, music, short film;
Reviews: books, movies, albums, podcasts;
Interviews with: writers, musicians, actors, directors, podcasters, artists;
Opinions/Editorials on: anything having to do with any of the things listed above.

Spider Mirror wants it to come from the people who create as a way of life. It doesn't want you to review your own novel, goodness no! Let someone else do that. Instead, it wants you to review a movie, or interview a local band, or whatever else gets you excited. You and your novel will get some natural promotion alongside your contribution to Spider Mirror. 

More information about style, content, and submission guidelines can be found HERE. Subscribe on the right and we'll keep you in the loop.

Poetry: 2 poems by Brian Duran

Poetry: 2 poems by Brian Duran